Aidan Klingbeil

Aidan Klingbeil

Student | Entrepreneur  

Born With   Entrepreneuritis. 

       My initial encounter with Entrepreneurship came in the form of my own snack shack located on the prime real estate at the bottom of my parents driveway. Selling bulk warehouse goods at marked up prices seemed like a genius idea and possibly even one that no one had ever attempted. Surely I would get rich doing this (and think of all the Pokemon cards those riches could buy me)! Sadly my business wasn't as hot as the 35 degree heat that week and I was left to consume the remaining coke and candy inventory on my own. At the end of it all, I wasn't dwelling on my unsuccessful start-up, but instead was ecstatic about the experience.

My next venture was the inception of a yard care company, Klingbeil's Quality Cuts, at the age of 13. This small business was considerably more successful than the snack shack, however will be shutting it down this summer after eight successful years in operation, as I am planning on moving into "the real world". With graduation less than a month away, I will be making the transition into the employed sector, ideally working with a small business. With that said, the entrepreneurial spirit I've had since I was a young'n won't be going far, and soon enough I'll be back in the start-up game. 

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       In poker, as in business, the secret is in knowing how to manage risk and capitalize on opportunity. 

- Lou Krieger